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Embracing the Power of Stillness: Movement and Intention

Introduction In a world that urges us to be busy and constantly on the move, we often overlook the importance of not moving or intentionally remaining still or motionless. Are there still spaces we hold for ourselves where nothing [...]

David Fairbank’s Story

Before graduating with a degree in Sociology and Psychology from Union College, David developed a love for fitness as a two sport student-athlete. After college he was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 where he discovered Olympic Weightlifting and found [...]

The Competition Mindset

Do you have a competition mindset? Whether it be missing a shot that could have won the game, dropping a perfect pass, or tripping over your feet as you try to steal a base, compete long enough and you [...]

Injuries and Setbacks

When Injury Strikes Although my last competition lift ended with a successful attempt, my main goal of staying injury free was not achieved. Health and the word “healthy” are relative and seemingly ever-changing. The demands of life are constantly [...]


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