Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting (OLY) is a registered sport, through USA Weightlifting, which incorporates the use of two independent lifts which require the athlete to lift a loaded barbell from the floor to an overhead position in an explosive manner. The two lifts, the ‘Clean & Jerk’ and the ‘Snatch’ are explosive movements as they require a combination of maximal strength and maximal speed. The movements along with many others that are used during training are an effective method for enhancing athletic performance.

Our group classes are for anyone who is interested in learning / growing their fitness through the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

This class is led by a USAW trained coach and focus solely on the fundamentals of weightlifting. Training is built around assisting our community with gaining more awareness of how their bodies move through a system known as Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®).

Programming is included and will be focused around helping the athlete perfect their squat, deadlifting, and press. Multiple modalities along with customizable accessory work helps the athlete pinpoint and attack weaknesses. We believe our program is great for anyone interested in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. The only thing required for this class is an interest in the sport and a desire to learn and improve.

If you are new to OLY, we recommend a Personal Training membership. For beginners to advance to our group classes, we recommend 12 training sessions to ensure you have the mobility – movement – mental training that is needed to progress and excel in the sport Olympic Weightlifting.

If you are NOT new to OLY, we recommend scheduling a 30 minute evaluation prior to joining class. During this initial evaluation, we will assess your mobility, movement, and mental training ability. This session will provide you with the feedback you need on the lifts (snatch and clean ‘n’ jerk) and on what areas you will need to focus on during your class time.

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Which training program is right for you?

Athlete OLY Training

Our Athlete OLY Program is versatile training when competing in other sports. This training program prepares you to compete in Olympic Weightlifting as well. Training is built around joint health and gaining body awareness, utilizing the system known as Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®). Each class is led by a USAW trained coach offering technical support and cues to improve the athlete’s movement and confidence in the competition lifts.

Athlete Elite OLY Training

Our Athlete Elite OLY Programming is for individuals who are serious about competition and are making Olympic Weightlifting their primary sport of focus. Training is built around joint health and gaining more body awareness, utilizing the system known as Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®). Programming is focused on helping our athletes achieve the confidence and technique necessary to compete at a national level and beyond.

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