“As owner of LPW, we want to make sure you feel confident with the movements, as well as, the type of training you choose to do at our facility. This option gives you access to a trainer who will help assess your mobility, movement knowledge and goals, while guiding your decisions on next steps for fitness training.”

~ David Fairbanks, Owner
Questions: david@teamlpw.com

Our initial assessment consists of collecting baseline data to evaluate your current needs. Whether you are currently a stationary person or you’re training as a professional athlete, getting to know your diet, movement / injury history, family history and other personal data is important in setting your goals. We build programs around the individual, not a group!

As an introduction to Lion’s Pride Weightlifting, we schedule this Initial Assessment to understand your current fitness / athletic ability, discuss your life’s goals, introduce you to what our facility has to offer and to make sure you vibe with our trainer(s). There is a lot going on here, we want to find the right fit for you!

Our initial session lasts for approximately 30 minutes. We charge a nominal fee of $35 when you sign up. This fee may be applied toward your first month’s training or programming fees.

Sign up for Initial Evaluation

Our initial evaluation is to see where you are and where you want to go. Successful training is about finding the right trainer and understanding your goals. That's why we want you to meet us first!