Are you ready for some Trap Yoga?

Struggling to find the time to get in a good workout and eat lunch during your break? Feel that feeling of “Wellness” Slowly Slipping away? Is your back getting more and more achy as the days of sitting get longer and longer? Tired of paying $15-$20 for lunch and getting a flavorless meal with no real health benefits in return? As an introduction to a new and unique training method along with our second to none meal prep services, we are excited to announce our “Lunch with Pree” training class ! Coach Pree will be leading a 30-minute yoga trapeze session Wednesdays and Fridays (12:15-12:45) aimed at helping keep you strong, mobile, and confident in your movement.

Bonus: Chef Xavier will select lunch options (protein, veggie and carb) for participants. Once you complete your “Lunch with Pree” class, you can grab your meal on the way out. It will be ready for you in a microwavable dish! Head back to work grounded, refreshed, great tasting meal in hand and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

Does this sound interesting to you? We only have six spots available for our lunch special. Does this interest you? Sign up now. Have more questions? Please complete the survey below and we will reach out to you personally. Looking for a longer class session to compliment your lunch special? Options are available for an unlimited monthly pass that would include a 1-hour Yoga Trapeze class with Coach Pree Saturdays at 9 am. 3 classes a week + 2 pre-made lunches! We only have 4 spots available for the Unlimited package. Sign up now!

Trapeze Yoga Survey