Our Partners in Wellness not only share space in our facility, but they share our training methodologies. Lion’s Pride Weightlifting & Wellness focuses on creating a community of support, encouragement and resources to make you the best version of yourself. Check out all the options that we have to offer and choose the best path for you and your fitness needs and goals.

Reign Performance Training
OneReign Nutrition

Take reign over your mind and body.

At Reign Performance Training, their passion is to guide people on their journey to optimal health and wellness. Every client is unique in their own way, with their own strengths and limitations.  Whether it be physical, mental, or anything in between, Reign strives to help you connect your mind’s ability to optimize control of the body.  (Oh, and it just so happens, your performance is optimized too.)

By building customized plans based on your health, daily routine, and more importantly, fitness goals, Reign aims to transform your body, while, at the same time, reconstructing your thought process to help you make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health and psychological wellness.  Priding themselves in building life-long, personal, relationships with clients and maintaining a pain free training career is what Reign’s about. When you’re ready to transform yourself into the person you were meant to be, hop on the Reign Train, and take reign over your mind and body!

Pre and Post Pregnancy Fitness

Empowering women to take charge of their maternal health throughout pregnancy and beyond!

The Health Mamas, owned by Maria Banks, provide expert health and fitness services specifically designed for the pregnant and postpartum body. Labor is an active process; you want to make sure you have the strength and endurance to properly prepare for the big day! After giving birth, your body is not the same! We also provide specialized and specific services to mothers who want to safely recover after giving birth.

Work with us to address:

  • Strengthening

  • Pain management

  • Breath work

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Stretch/release work and more!

The Health Mamas are more than fitness; they aim to transform your mind and body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing during this time.

Questions? Maria Banks –maria@thehealthmamas.com

Massage Therapy

Training is about more than learning how to move. You’ll also need to learn how to recover. Clinical Sports massage begins with a proper assessment. Looking into how you train, finding areas that may be weak and need to be strengthened as opposed to what areas are tight and need to be stretched will allow us to be as effective as possible and expedite recovery. The more you understand about how your body is responding to training, the better prepared you’ll be to prevent injury at the earliest signs of dysfunction.

Trapeze Yoga w/Ashley

Our Trapeze Yoga, also called Yoga Swing, fitness classes utilize inversion to improve back pain, increase strength, develop flexibility and most importantly, improve overall fitness. This program is a great way to get individualized, solution based sessions. If you are working toward rehabilitating an injury or looking for a new way to challenge your body –  Trapeze Yoga is right for you.

Class times: 

Wednesday – 7:00 PM

Saturday – 10:00 AM

Just Breathe Yoga

Today is a beautiful day to be yourself…. to slow down, breathe, rest, reset, and show up for yourself.

First Class is FREE! All abilities welcome.

Yoga * Light * Love * Peace * Truth Telling

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