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Join Us and Embark on a Fitness Journey

From education, fitness regimes, nutrition, and recovery sessions, we work to ensure your movements, mobility and mental training are on track for continued success. LPW has one of Greater Cincinnati’s largest training facilities with over 14,500 square feet of dedicated wellness space.

  • Maybe your wellness journey hasn’t started yet

  • Maybe your wellness journey needs more focus

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Fitness For All

Lion’s Pride Weightlifting offers three programs for our clients who are interesting in joining us on the wellness journey. Member training is individualized and programming is tailored for their unique needs.

New to Training?

If you are ready to start your fitness journey, we help you get moving.

Nothing to Fear

Fear of stepping into a gym? We begin with an evaluation and work at your pace.

Time to Kick Up Your Training

Has your training become stale and you need a boost?

Taking it to the Next Level

Our trainers work to evaluate your current fitness level and develop a plan for you to meet your goals.

Need Higher Level Training?

Have you been training but need help getting to the next level?

Training to Compete or for a Fitness Event

Whether you are training for an USAW event, marathon, or fitness competition, our trainers can help.

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Olympic Weightlifting Will Test your Mental Limits and Push your Fitness Boundaries

Olympic Weightlifting Will Test your Mental Limits and Push your Fitness Boundaries

OLY Weightlifting not your jam? Choose another way to train with us.

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Speed & Agility

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Community Class

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Personal Training

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