In a world that urges us to be busy and constantly on the move, we often overlook the importance of not moving or intentionally remaining still or motionless. Are there still spaces we hold for ourselves where nothing is required from us? Safe havens where we can pause and not move for a moment or two, allowing for deeper exploration when we do get the chance to be still?

The Stimulating Act of Not Moving

Surprisingly, not moving can stimulate profound thoughts. The thoughts we cultivate give rise to intentions, which in turn shape our actions and ultimately determine the reality we live in. So, when we talk about movement, it encompasses much more than mere physical activity or performance benchmarks. It’s about the way we choose to move and the intentions behind our actions. Take the bench press, for example. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. Movement is always about the intention behind it.

  • What are we seeking to achieve?
  • How are we approaching the task?
  • Does the approach align with how we want our movements to feel?
  • Are we in control of our movements?

These are important questions we should be asking ourselves as we engage in any form of movement. It may seem like a lot of work and thinking, but it becomes effortless once we truly feel all the connections!

Unveiling the Essence of Motion

Delving deeper into the concept of movement, we find that the definition of motion itself becomes fascinating. Motion is the act or process of changing place or position; it represents the power of movement, especially in a living body. It encompasses the way we walk, our gait, and even our gestures.

Embracing Mindful Movement

With this expanded understanding of motion, every aspect becomes essential to our focus when we move, even in moments of stillness. How we position our bodies for each movement, how we maintain our posture while standing or sitting, and our gait and walking patterns all become points of focus within our daily movement practices. It becomes a form of meditation, where as we contemplate movement, we feel it more deeply, allowing us to think about it less. Movement and breathing are intertwined, and the thoughts that arise after each breath serve as guides for our actions if we allow them to be. So, while it’s intriguing to discuss our bench press max or other performance goals, what truly matters is how our movements align with the principles of motion. Are we considering this in our training? Whatever form of movement or training we choose, finding a supportive community that helps us progress and excel is crucial.


In a world that celebrates constant activity, we must not underestimate the power of stillness and intentional movement. By exploring the depths of our own stillness, we unlock profound thoughts and intentions that shape our actions. Embracing mindful movement allows us to tap into the essence of motion, considering every aspect of how our bodies position and express themselves. As we connect movement with our breath, we discover a natural flow that guides our actions and enhances our overall well-being. So, as you embark on your movement journey, remember to seek a community that supports your progress and inspires you to keep moving. Embrace the transformative power of movement and intention, and discover the incredible potential within yourself. Until next time. Keep going!🦁❤️🦁