Do you have a competition mindset?

Whether it be missing a shot that could have won the game, dropping a perfect pass, or tripping over your feet as you try to steal a base, compete long enough and you will have a blooper reel that anyone would get a kick out of.

Compete long enough and match preparation with attention to detail and that blooper reel will be an afterthought.  There are too many hidden gems in the process of competing to worry about all the embarrassing or bad things that could happen.

I have played sports or competed in some capacity now for over 25 years.  My competitive journey started in the sport of gymnastics when I was about 7 years old.  Today, I am 35 years old and can say that I have competed in gymnastics, softball, baseball, basketball, football, CrossFit, and most recently Olympic Weightlifting.  Some of the greatest moments in my life would not have been achieved if I had never competed and challenged myself to put my work on display.  I have always been in love with the process that goes into competing! Nobody wants to look foolish or fail when people are watching.  The thrill of victory and the fear of defeat or embarrassment brings the best (or worst) out of people.  The process of preparing for competition is one that I will always admire and respect.  

Check and Balance

Competition only serves as a check and balance for our training processes and an opportunity to enjoy community and fellowship with others who enjoy our common sport.  “Winning or Losing” does not determine how good of a person we are.  You have won the battle anytime you decide to commit to something and give it everything you’ve got.  With a solid plan in place, execution, and attention to detail any competitor should be proud to take the stage and show off their hard work.  Win, lose, or draw we can always live with the outcome and work to improve for the future. 

PREPARE THE WAY YOU WANT TO PERFORM!! Mobility, Movement, and Mental Training.

PRACTICE like you’ll perform

Practice like you’ll PERFORM