TeamLPW’s Annual USAW Olympic Weightlifting Competition is this Saturday. Need more information or guidance, reach out to David with questions.

KILO Challenge Meet Info

October 22, 2022

LPW, 1213 York Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

Weigh in 8:00 AM  |  Heat starts at 10:00 AM

Free – Open to the Public

Free, easy parking map

Meet Schedule

Competitor Affiliate Gym Division Weight Class (kg) Entry Total (kg)
Kellan Brown Unaffiliated Men’s 13 Under 44 39
Nick Marquardt J2Fit Weightlifting Open Men’s 109 165
Jake Leung Unaffiliated Open Men’s 89 213
Dave McIntosh TeamLPW Men’s Masters (35-39) 89 220
Michael Dewar J2Fit Weightlifting Open Men’s 89 240
Sydney Sheehan Clean Slate Weightlifting Women’s 13 Under 30 15
Jill Ring Clean Slate Weightlifting Open Women’s 87 61
Payton Kramer Clean Slate Weightlifting Women’s 13 Under 59 65
Jennica Holly Mangold Weightlifting Open Women’s 59 85
Chris Brown Unaffiliated Women’s Masters (50-54) 81 92
Katie Hendershott Clean Slate Weightlifting Open Women’s 76 127
Mikerline Apollon Clean Slate Weightlifting Open Women’s 64 166
Kaziah Jones Mangold Weightlifting Open Women’s 55 174

Competitions & Recent Results

Our team members participate in sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting meets across the nation. Congratulations to:

  • @brycedaniel__ who went 4/6 on attempts, hit a 100kg snatch and a 127kg clean and jerk. He qualified for junior nationals later this year in 2 weight classes.
  • @johnny_bahama21 also went 4/6. He hit a 85kg snatch and a 126kg clean and jerk. John has already qualified for National under 25 Championships so this meet he was just looking to add to his total.

Both lifters are excited to keep building over the next few months for their preparation of nationals!