Personal and Sports Training

Personal and sports-specific training is focused on covering multiple facets of physical and mental performance. You can expect personalized workouts, mental training and emotional trauma relief. Each session is designed to address any specific fitness goals – competitive, maintain, excel, and/or personal – including rehabilitation from injuries or inefficiencies. Our aim is to connect the mind and body through movements. This cannot happen without teaching how to develop the mental toughness needed to preserve the emotional hardships of day-to-day life.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Lion’s Pride Weightlifting Barbell Club follows training cycles with a variety of exercises to improve both Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). Program participants include all ranges: beginner level, competitive lifters and functional fitness athletes. If you’re looking to pursue competitive lifting, increase strength, refine your technique or looking to move and feel better, this program is for you.

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Trapeze Yoga

Our Trapeze Yoga, also called Yoga Swing, fitness classes utilize inversion to improve back pain, increase strength, develop flexibility and most importantly, improve overall fitness. This program is a great way to get individualized, solution based sessions. If you are working toward rehabilitating an injury or looking for a new way to challenge your body –  Trapeze Yoga is right for you.

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Nutrition / Meal Planning

Exercise isn’t the only consideration regarding your personal health and fitness. Incorporating the right nutrition plan will help complete a holistic approach. Nutrition counseling is a perfect compliment for all ranges of fitness, from addressing health issues to athletes dialing in on their performance.

We partner with One Reign Nutrition and Pierre Entities Catering Co. to educate and identify the custom, individualized program to meet your goals and health needs.

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