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Youth Training

OLY and Speed & Agility

Athletes who want to maximize their potential and play at the highest levels of their sport need individualized training to ensure that they have a plan. The athlete must be performing the right exercises with the right mindset and attention to detail in order to enhance their performance and minimize the possibility of injury.

We offer 1:1 and group options for our speed and agility/ sports performance clients. Our 1:1 customized sports-specific training is built from former collegiate athletes (some multi-sport collegiate athletes as well). The knowledge and understanding of the science of movement and personal experiences have proven to be our secret to athletic success. Lion Pride’s trainers focus on optimizing your training regimen to ensure the highest level of results in your mobility, movement, and mental training.

All athletes will undergo mobility, movement and a mental training assessment prior to jumping into our program. Testing areas are sport-specific.