James Nathan Spencer

It’s simply outstanding. This is exactly what I wanted in a gym. Each of the coaches are impressively knowledgeable, have an infectious enthusiasm for what they do, and an uncanny commitment to helping you do your best. The community is warm and welcoming.

I’d been doing Crossfit® for 5 years or so before I took my talents to LPW, and I’ve never enjoyed working out so much before. I want to come early, and I don’t want to stop.

Sarah Batdorf

I wanted something more permanent and more meaningful than a fitness class. What I really want is to understand and be connected to my body and ultimately learn what I’m really capable of. Lion’s Pride is teaching me HOW to get there. The coaches’ patience, expertise and attention to detail have helped me not only massively improve the quality and consistency of my lifts, but also my confidence and overall wellness, helping me teach my body to work as a cohesive unit. I leave the gym feeling accomplished—not just from a good workout, but also because I get to be part of a gym culture whose values and goals align with mine: wellness, kindness, and hard work. So excited to see what comes next!

Natalie Cooke

I am a lifelong athlete with countless coaches over the years; Dave Fairbanks and his leadership are ahead of their industry. His personal training is progressive and fine-tuned as he removes mental and emotional obstacles I didn’t even realize where holding me back from obtaining my fitness goals. He cares about his clients as he teaches fundamentals to excel in any lifelong health and fitness goals. Results are not only immediate but have prevented me from injury. I am forever grateful to LPW for the care, results and change I have seen in my life!

Monica Lewe

LPW is awesome, they have so many offerings that will allow for anyone to learn how to move better, and it can be applied to many specific sports or just the daily life demands. I joined LPW after searching for a local weightlifting gym and I’m so glad I did. The coaches tailor their feedback & cues so that you fully understand them. There is a community of people that will encourage you everyday. I’m so thankful that I discovered LPW & I’m so excited for the future of the wellness center! Come check out the fun!

David McIntosh

LPW is a jack of all trades, type of establishment. The coaching at LPW is exceptional, catering to the individual and their personal goals The coaching staff is able to relay technique and coaching cues that make things simple and easy to understand. The community that you find yourself in is welcoming and inviting, centered on building relationships. Its members are friendly and excited to better themselves next to similar, goal oriented, people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to excel in their fitness journey. LPW is consistently bringing a fresh perspective with revolutionary methodologies that foster better health and knowledge of movement patterns. They are committed to excellence while educating their members on every aspect of health and wellness. The programming provided, along with the large amount of services available, offer tons of options for anyone willing to put in the work to make themselves the best version possible.

Jillian Manning

The facility is large, you don’t feel like you’re on top of each other like some gyms, the coaching staff is above and beyond knowledgeable. This is a community, a place where you come and you can spend hours and feel like you’ve only been there for 30 mins. State of the art equipment. Offerings from Olympic Weight Lifting, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Meal Prep, Functional Range Conditioning (proper body movement). This is a true wellness center.

Mattea Swain

One of my favorite gyms in the Cincinnati area. The atmosphere is always welcoming and supportive to everyone’s fitness journey.

Toby Coston

Knowledgeable coaches and a spacious facility! I  learn something new every visit.