At LPW, we focus on all that makes a person healthy: mobility, movement, mental training, nutrition, strength training, and a personal plan for overall wellness.

Many fitness centers don’t consider the whole person and what is needed to ensure they are taken care of. When you come to our facility, you’ll be evaluated to determine your current fitness level. Our first step is to understand your physical fitness abilities, goals and then, we’ll discuss a fitness regime that is created for you, your body type and your goals.


Mobility training is a combination of techniques, equipment and movements to help people with movement deficits move around safely. Owner / Coach David Fairbanks is a Functional Range Conditioning® Mobility Specialist – a certification held by a limited number of personal trainers in the Greater Cincinnati marketplace.

Our mobility programming helps improve:

  • Range of motion
  • Joint strengthening and mobilization
  • Body control and awareness

These three areas of movement must be focused on in order to develop strong training habits and knowledge of the right movements for injury prevention. Every person, no matter their fitness level, should incorporate mobility training into their daily training routine.


Like mobility training, movement training incorporates body control techniques, utilizing bodyweight / light weight exercises, to help understand the way the body moves. By understanding your body’s movements (what feels good and what doesn’t), you’ll be able to reduce pain, lessen the possibility of injury, ensure joint health and increase your ability to move better. The more mobile a person is, the less pain and discomfort they will experience. Mobility allows YOU to decide what movement means to YOU. Deciding what movement means to you will help take your training to the next level!

Mental Training

We all have to face tough times in our lives at one point or another. Our mental training will help with…..

Understanding how to:

  • mentally get through an injury
  • push yourself to a new level
  • perform a skill that you never thought was possible

Many times when you adjust your thinking, you become stronger inside as well as outside. Stepping outside the box may mean incorporating new training methods that will help take your fitness and overall wellness to the next level!

Let’s Get Your Body & Mind Moving the Right Way

Schedule an initial 3Ms assessment to learn how you can move better.