At LPW, we focus on all that makes a person healthy: mobility, movement, mental training, nutrition, strength training, and a personal plan for overall wellness.

Many fitness centers don’t consider the whole person and what is needed to ensure they are taken care of. When you come to our facility, you’ll be evaluated to determine your current fitness level. Our first step is to understand your physical fitness abilities, goals and then, we’ll discuss a fitness regime that is created for you, your body type and your goals.


Mobility training is a combination of techniques, equipment and movements to help people with movement deficits move around safely. Our mobility programming helps improve range-of-motion, so that you develop strong training knowledge of the right movements for injury prevention.

Every athlete, no matter their fitness level, should incorporate mobility training into their weekly routine.


Like mobility training, movement incorporates techniques, mostly utilizing body weight exercises to help people understand the way their body moves. By understanding your body movement, you’ll be able to know when to modify and when to go all out. When you improve your mobility and movement, training goals become within reach.

Mental Training

As I’m sure you’ve experienced at some point in your life, your mind takes over and either hinders your goal attainment or stifles your progress in some way. Understanding how to mentally get through an injury, how to push yourself to a new level or even how to perform a skill that you never thought was possible is what our mental training is all about. Many times when you adjust your thinking, you become stronger inside as well as outside. Stepping outside the box may mean incorporating some trapeze yoga – stretches and strengthening to gain confidence.

Let’s Get Your Body & Mind Moving the Right Way

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