Visit us at 1213 York Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214

If you are looking to train at a state of the art facility, you’ve come to the right place! We aren’t simply building a gym – nor are we functioning as such. We are building a collaborative space for wellness – including Olympic Weightlifting, Personal Training, Trapeze (Trap) Yoga, Pre-and-Post Natal Fitness, and Nutrition / Meal Planning Services.

The trainers at Lion’s Pride Weightlifting is dedicated to making you a whole person. Many fitness facilities aren’t caring about you personally – our 1:1 assessment, evaluations and goal setting is all about YOU! We want you to succeed as a whole – from the inside out!

If you’d like to visit the facility and learn more, email us ( and we’ll get ya moving forward on your path to becoming stronger with mobility, movement and mental training!

There are a variety of rooms / spaces in our facility available.

Local sports organizations – You can rent our dynamic space with your coaches only or with your coaches and our trainers. As part of our commitment to support our growing Greater Cincinnati community, we have dedicated our space (and our trainers) for local sports organizations who are dedicated to training young athletes. More information is below or images.

Option 1: YOUR TEAM

$3002 hours
  • 1:5 Ratio (1 Coach for every 5 Athletes)
  • Middle Room (boxing floor, turf strip, free equipment)
  • LPW Trainer supervision

Option 2: YOUR TEAM and OURS

$5002 hours
  • 1:5 Ratio (1 Coach for every 5 Athletes)
  • Entire Facility (boxing floor, turf strip, rig, middle room and strength equipment)
  • LPW Trainers (1 Trainer for every 10 Athletes)

Interested in Renting Space at Lion's Pride Weightlifting | Wellness?

Our facility is available to the community, we will do our best to accommodate your team, large or small. Complete the following form so we can begin assessing your needs.