LPW is one of Greater Cincinnati’s largest training facilities, with over 14,500 square feet of dedicated space. Our dedication is to building a community to prepare and guide you to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. From education, fitness regimes, nutrition and recovery sessions, we work to ensure your movements, mobility and mental training are on track for continued success.




 “David’s passion and vision are going to make Lion’s Pride Wellness the premier training location in Cincinnati. The space is amazing! I’m impressed!”

– Jim Malone, Strength Coach, Pittsburgh Pirates

It’s simply outstanding. This is exactly what I wanted in a gym. Each of the coaches are impressively knowledgeable, have an infectious enthusiasm for what they do, and an uncanny commitment to helping you do your best. The community is warm and welcoming.

I’d been doing Crossfit® for 5 years or so before I took my talents to LPW, and I’ve never enjoyed working out so much before. I want to come early, and I don’t want to stop.

– James Spencer, Team LPW Member

“I wanted something more permanent and more meaningful than a fitness class. What I really want is to understand and be connected to my body and ultimately learn what I’m really capable of. Lion’s Pride is teaching me HOW to get there. The coaches’ patience, expertise and attention to detail have helped me not only massively improve the quality and consistency of my lifts, but also my confidence and overall wellness, helping me teach my body to work as a cohesive unit.

I leave the gym feeling accomplished—not just from a good workout, but also because I get to be part of a gym culture whose values and goals align with mine: wellness, kindness, and hard work. So excited to see what comes next!”

– Sarah Batdorf, Team LPW Member

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